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Kay Parquet is an indie author who contacted me to build a website that her and her visitors would love.


Kay wanted a website that primarily focused on her books first, but also highlighting her as an arcanepunk author. She wanted a WOW factor to her website to showcase her works.



I created a website that incorporated her vision of what she wanted focusing first on her new book series and then showcasing her.



"I recently had the pleasure of working with James from WTC Creatives on my website, and I have to say, the outcome was nothing short of amazing! From the get-go, James was all about bringing my vision to life, and the final product - www.kayparquet.com - is a testament to his incredible skill and dedication.

Navigating the site feels like a breeze, thanks to the great flow James designed. It's easy for visitors to find exactly what they're looking for, making the user experience top-notch. But it's not just about functionality; the attention-grabbing pages make sure that once you're on the site, you're hooked. The visuals, the layout, everything works together to create an engaging experience that speaks volumes of James's talent and creativity.

Working with WTC Creatives, I felt like my project was in the best hands. James's professionalism, combined with his knack for design, made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. If you're looking for someone to create a kick-ass website that stands out from the crowd, look no further than James at WTC Creatives. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!"

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