Trisha Thacker
Fantasy Author
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Trisha is an up-and-coming indie author who wanted to have a website that provides anyone who visits her website information about her and her books.


Trisha wanted a website that was focused on her as the author first and then on the works she has created. She wanted clean navigation and a visually appealing layout.

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I created a website that was clean and easy to navigate showcasing both Trisha, her books, and interests.



"WTC was very professional and direct. It was a quick turnaround with a very good design. The time spent with the website was very good and I feel like I got my money's worth. I also enjoyed the time where we went over the functions of the website and how to update it. I am very impressed with the overall look and functionality of the website."

About Page

The About page tells the visitor a story about who Trisha is so they can learn more about this author.

Trisha Thacker About Page
Books Page

This page was designed to showcase her book by series so the reader understands which books to read.

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